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"Wrestling is a unique sport that takes an extreme amount of conditioning and dedication. There are very few athletes who are willing to do what it takes. That keeps me encouraged, because I know I'm going to do those things."
John Smith - 2 time Olympic Champion, 4 time World Champion

The Desire of a Champion
(Source Unknown)

We have been told that talent creates its own opportunity. Yet the experience of men on the honor role of champions proves that intense DESIRE creates not only opportunities, but its own talents. For these men, intense, burning desire has been developed as a habit, a way of life, a deliberate course of dissatisfaction. This is the desire of a Champion in any line of work. INTENSE DESIRE is infinitely more than wanting or wishing...more than compulsion or

stimulation...desire is an overwhelming demand for change: a personal war with things as they are, and a willingness to make any sacrifice to bring about that change.

EVERY REVOLUTION IN thought, in government, in ethics, art, religion and science, has been the result of one man's desire to change the status win a race with time, with custom, tradition or with himself.

This is the reason that DESIRE burns like a white, hot flame in the heart of every Champion. DESIRE is the vital essence of a champion's inner self. What is DESIRE? DESIRE IS THE QUALITY THAT MARKS WINNERS in every walk of life.

- A man with activated DESIRE isn't nearly as afraid of losing as a loser is secretly afraid of winning.

- A man with DESIRE makes commitments; other people make promises.

- DESIRE gives a man the knowledge and judgment as to when he says "yes" or "no"; ordinary people say "maybe" or "perhaps" at the wrong times and for the wrong reasons.

- DESIRE gives a man the courage to say "I'm good, but not as good as I ought to be." Ordinary people say "I'm not as bad as a lot of other people". - DESIRE engenders respect for those in authority; lack of desire breeds resentment.

- DESIRE makes a man feel responsible for more than his job; ordinary people say "I only work here".

There is a certain restlessness, recklessness, and aggressiveness about DESIRE. An array, a nation, an organization of the member of a sales force becomes tired and complacent when they lose DESIRE. It makes no difference whether they lose it through logic, self satisfaction or disillusion. Without DESIRE, the future is as barren as volcanic ash.

It offers nothing that would surpass that which is or has been. The principal effect of BURNING DESIRE is to separate the men from the boys. It eliminates the plodders, the wanters and the wishful thinkers.

DESIRE brings forward the insatible appetites for competition, for action, for all the world has to offer. There is actibe self-awareness in desire. It gives its possessor the feeling he has a mission to perform; a destiny to meet and conquer.

Do you have the desire?

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