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That's Right you and you alone must make a choice about your future. Parents, Coaches, friends can give you input but in the end it is up to you.

I am not only referring to wrestling,your whole life stretches on in front of you and you must be ready. Should I study tonight or go out to that killer party. My friends drink beer and smoke so why not me. I know I can place at state this year but man do I really want to put in the time. Maybe being District Champ is ok.

Your the only one that can decide. I can only tell you one thing. Take the easy road now and you will always look back and ask yourself What if??



ON CUTTING WEIGHT up date 1-30-98

Coach Gable was recently on espn talking about cutting weight and the new NCAA rule changes.

I feel that the rule changes send a mixed message to wrestlers and coaches. Adding 7 pounds to each weight class rewards the very athletes and coaches who have been yo-yo dieting and punishes wrestlers who were competing at or near thier natural body weight.

Making weigh in 2 hours before a match is a step in the right direction but does not go far enough Coach Gable feels that on mat weigh in would distract wrestlers from preparing for thier match by making them worry about making weight. He is right if the chose to cut weight they would have to worry. If they wrestled at at or below thier weight no worries.

A recent study ask world class athletes if if they could take a substance that would guarantee an olimpic win but would kill them withen 5 years would they take it and 80% said they would. Given this mind set will banning rubber suits and sweat rooms stop drastic weight cutting I don't think so. JUST MY TAKE

On making weight

As you all know three college wrestlers have died in the past few weeks cutting weight.

how can this have happened

The desire to be competitive drove these young men to work as hard as they could to be the best.

The way the sport is set up drove them to attempt to cut as much weight as possible to be competitive. Current rules make it impossible to be competitive at close to your natural body weight and any of you who have competed at a major event even at the kid level, know that this is true. One day weigh-ins make it possible to cut huge amounts of weight then fill up your gas tank and rest before your first match. If one person makes the cut all must to stay competitive.

Does cutting huge amounts of weight work. You bet it does!! If not no one would do it.I fell the only solution to the problem is on mat weigh-ins. That is to say you would weigh in at the table just before you stepped on the mat. Not a day before Not an hour before but 30 sec. before you wrestled.

Would people still try to cut massive amounts of weight? Yes but fewer and fewer of them would win. The longer and harder the tournament the smaller the reward for cutting weight would be. Every time you step on the mat you must make weight. You would still wrestle the same people only 1, 2 or 3 weight classes higher. This would again give a truly small wrestler an even chance.

Until this happens you will have to cut weight to say competitive so lets do it in a smart manner.

Weight Management not Weight Cutting must be the goal.

Get your weight to a good spot and keep it close to your competive weight within 5% don't try to cut more than 3% body weight the day before the match. Become an old wrestler with stories to tell.

Training Tips what should I do Now

Sep. and Oct.

School has started again and so has wrestling at least Conditioning. NOW is the time to start getting in shape for the season.
Get your body back into top shape you know the demands of the sport don't be out of shape.
You Lose
You get Hurt
You quit
Wrestle in as many USA matches as you can. The only way to learn to wrestle is to wrestle.
Bring out some of your friends we can always use some more training partners and who knows he may be a future State Champ.

July and August

The High school season is long gone and freestyle and Greco Nationals finished this week. So take a break from wrestling. You heard me right don't even think about it till Sept.

Well do one thing first look back at your goals. You did make them right? They are right up there on the wall where you could read them ever day. Check them out did you reach them. Are you happy with your performance. Now that's over forget about them till Sept. It's a short break but a vital one so you can come back ready for another long wonderful year.

Don't worry you can still train now is the time to hit the weight room hard. Look to improve your Power and Strength. Train to get pretty if you want but don't forget to Squat.Remember time in the Gym does not equal intensity. One Great set is better than 5 half way. Train hard and have fun. We want you to get strong but don't be foolish. The Juice has no place at this training table If you need some more ideas on training check out Kurt's Training Tips See you in Sept.

Wrestling Tips

For those of you who can't stop cold turkey I decided I would write up a list of things to make you a great wrestler. Guess what someone already wrote one.

Like I always say there are no tricks or secret moves and since I would rather surf than write. Check out these Tips These are from the Coach of the most successful Club in Maryland. I only mildly disagree with two or three points. If you can pick them out you can skip The Conditioning run the second day of practice.

This is good stuff and a lot more than I would have written any way.

Now go lift some weight!!

Wrestling Camps

A lot of our guys went to a wrestling camp this summer they were all good. Brian Lorch headed out to see Coach Gable before he retired. See what his week was like
Bulls home on tripod:
Renegade Wrestling Club:

you and others have endured